Rough Terrain Cranes

Rough Terrain Cranes

Negotiating rough landscapes like a 4x4 vehicle, our rough terrain cranes have a low travel speed but offer highly effective pick-and-carry features which are essential on most construction sites. Over-sized tyres, a short wheelbase, and crab steering all contribute to overall maneuverability.

At Concord Cranes, our selection of rough terrain cranes to rent can carry the load in the most inaccessible places offering efficiency, power and accessibility in one.

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Rough Terrain Cranes Hire

What are rough terrain cranes used for?

Rough terrain mobile cranes are used for exactly what their name suggests, for pick-and-carry use off-road or on rough terrain.  These cranes are operated and driven from only one cab, can travel on un-improved work sites and access and perform work in confined lifting areas. These types of cranes are often stabilised or hoisted up by an outrigger, and once up are used to lift large or heavy loads in sites that are often difficult to work in for other crane types.

Call one of our crane specialists and we will advise exactly what crane you require for the specific job.

Where to hire rough terrain cranes?

At Concord team aims to offer the best solution possible, the first time. We can offer competitive rough terrain crane rental rates and will gladly understand your application needs and budget before quoting you a hire fee.

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