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Renewable Energy

Concord is geared to provide our clients with solutions that cater to the many facets of the wind energy sector. Our experience includes the transporting of transformers, tower sections, nacelles, and hubs as well as 144 wind blades over 200km. With access to over 180 mobile cranes (7T – 750T), rigging and heavy lift equipment, load and lift testing technology, heavy load trucks and extendable trailers that extend to 57m, we have the ability to offer a full range of equipment.

The right equipment is of the utmost importance, but a job would not be successful without our team who have the expertise and understanding of localised market conditions, challenges and the technical requirements behind every job.

Our team of professionals will ensure that we provide the right solution for the project with the right team to execute it.

Transport for wind energy sector

We work together 24/7 to ensure trust with every project. Should you be looking for equipment relevant to the renewable energy sector, please discuss your requirements with one of our industry specialists.

Contact Concord Cranes for crane, rigging or transport needs in the renewable energy sector.