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Specialised Transport/Logistics

Concord Cranes is equipped to offer clients a complete transport and logistics solution for the transporting, lifting or relocating of heavy, bulk and oversized freight.

Abnormal load transport and logistics services.

Our heavy equipment transport services give you access to multi-axle SPMT’s (self-propelled modular transporters) and extendable trailers that extend to 57m in length, provide us with the resources to carry even the most abnormal freight such as wind blades, tower sections, nacelles, risers and drill pipes. Whether it’s wind turbine components, generators, or risers – we’ve got the right equipment to move most things.

We not only provide the correct resources to move the freight, we also manage the flow of freight from point of origin to point of final destination. Difficult challenges, changing requirements and the pressure of deadlines is the reality and our team undertakes the process of ensuring that the moving of freight is done in the right time, in the right condition, to the right place, at the right cost.

Where can I get transport and logistics services for abnormal loads?

Abnormal load carrying is expensive and high risk and therefore the right equipment, transport and team is of crucial importance. Should you be looking for abnormal load haulage, please let one of our specialists assist you further.

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